CNC turning is a service we provide as subcontracting to the companies operating in the field of machinery and instrumental engineering and production automation. If necessary and upon prior agreement with the customer, the full service provided by us includes also the procurement of detail blanks, designing and manufacturing of jigs needed for production, supplementing the customer’s technical documentation, preparing of the measurement protocols proving conformity with the drawings of the produced parts, and storing the finished parts buffer warehouse. We also have the technical capability to use client’s 3D models when preparing the processing programs of details, thanks to which we can significantly reduce the preparation time needed for manufacturing the components and shorten the delivery time.

The turning workshop is equipped with programmable control (CNC) and manual turning machines. Some of the lathes are equipped with active tools, enabling production of more complicated details. Thanks to the diverse machinery, we are able to produce larger as well as smaller batches, single details and prototypes.

The main materials processed by us are steels (including stainless steels), cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass, various industrial plastics.