Avex OÜ is a metal-working company providing subcontracting metal-working full services to machinery and instrumental engineering companies and production automation companies. The modern metal-working department provides all of the basic metal-working services, including milling, turning, grinding, welding as well as surface finishing and assembly. In addition to that, comprehensive technical support is provided to our customers, including, if necessary, upgrading of the technical documentation provided by the customer, issuing of measurement protocols of the delivered products, providing of certificates of the used materials.

Due to high quality of services and products, security of supply, flexibility and customer-friendliness, we have gained a good reputation in the eyes of our customers. High quality of the service is provided by our trained team, modern machinery, including the CNC machining centres integrated with FMS (flexible machining system) and long-term experience in the field of metal-working. Subcontracting to engineering industry and instrumental engineering, CNC processing and assembly have been our main activity already since 1992.

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