Avex OÜ provides also different mechanical and assembly works as subcontracting services. We have various tools and machines needed for high quality finishing, assembly and testing of details. The machines are operated by trained and qualified personnel.
Mechanical works contain finishing and cleaning of components, deburring and removal of sharp edges, bending and other operations, which are not possible to be performed due to the nature of components.

Assembly work contain mainly mechanics, electronics, pneumatics. Our services include electrical assembling as well as various mechatronic works. We manufacture various premanufactured devices, device joints, and sub-assemblies, hydraulic elements etc. according to customer’s specifications and instructions. Thanks to the procurement contracts with the suppliers of main industrial equipment and components, we are able to procure all components required for the assembly in accordance with customer’s specification. The assembly components are procured by experienced purchasers. After the device has been completed, if required, we also perform the tuning and control measurements of the device according to customer’s test requirements.

Our customers only have to worry about submitting the order with the required technical specifications – we take care of the rest.